SMG Reviews

We see many, many improvements over the years at Sunset and we are very grateful to all the volunteers. Thank you! 

Charlene and Mark L.

My parents have been buried at Sunset for 30 years. We have visited my parents on numerous occasions over the past years and have always found the cemetery to be well maintained and in an appealing condition. I’m pleased that my father purchased plots for the entire family early in the life of the cemetery. Though I likely will not ever be residing at Sunset, I’m happy that my folks are resting there.

Charles L.

I found an old newsletter and cut out the donation card to send this donation. Please let me know what type of arrangements I must make for a cremation burial when I die. Please thank the kind volunteers at Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Mary Ann R.

I would be happy to volunteer….except that I live in California. The enclosed check is to support the volunteers with water, coffee, snacks – whatever you deem appropriate. I appreciate their time and effort in taking such good care of the Gardens. Thank you!

Candy M.

I have several family members buried at Sunset. The volunteers try very hard to keep the cemetery clean and well maintained and I appreciate their efforts very much!

Susan R.

With a few cemeteries in Fargo, our family had a few choices for my late husband’s burial. We were recommended to Sunset Memorial based on their location in reference to my home, and their undivided respect of the deceased.

It has been almost 2 years since the funeral and service, and there was a change in management within the facility. I can only say that we are extremely pleased with the changes going on at the cemetery, with a new concrete pathway to the Columbarium and snow removal - to the lawn care! Fantastic availability to questions and concerns.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Sunset Memorial for your continued care of our loved ones resting place!

Diane B.