Our Services

The personnel at Sunset Memorial Gardens can help you select a suitable space for the interment of your loved one, whether it be a lot in the cemetery or a niche in the columbarium. We will give you guidance on how to select a marker for the burial spot as to dimensions, acceptable materials, and so on. The marker must be purchased from the monument company of your choice, using our guidelines.

We work closely with funeral homes and families to ensure the interment service after the funeral is a reverent and dignified process.

We often receive inquiries from families of individuals buried at Sunset for help in locating a particular gravesite in our cemetery. Our Cemetery Information Management System (CIMS) is the computer database we use to locate specific burial sites or identify sites that are available for purchase. If you wish to find the gravesite of someone interred at Sunset Memorial Gardens, click here to access. Then simply type the last name of the deceased in the “Search” field and a list of individuals with that last name will appear. Click on the full name of the person you want to locate, and you will be taken to a map of the Cemetery showing the exact location of the burial spot.

We welcome any questions or concerns you have about Sunset Memorial Gardens and encourage you to call our office or complete the “Contact Us” form if you would like to visit with someone at Sunset.