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Guidelines for grave decorations

Sunset Memorial Gardens (SMG) cemetery is thoroughly cleaned each spring and fall. Exact dates are dependent on weather conditions, but April 1 and October 1 are the target dates. In the fall, we install stakes and flags as markers so the grave diggers can locate specific lots for winter burials. In the spring those stakes and flags are removed.

Individual grave decorations are removed during both the fall and spring cleanups. If you have decorations you wish to save, you must either remove them prior to the cleanup dates or notify the office that you would like them saved for you. To do that, please provide the name of the deceased and the approximate location of the grave. Any US flags left on graves will be removed and saved in our storage building. US flags that are soiled, torn or in poor condition will be taken to the VFW for proper disposal. We do not throw US flags in the trash.

Memorial Day grave decorations are removed beginning ten (10) days after Memorial Day. Again, if you wish to save decorations, please remove them by that time or notify the office that you want them saved for you. We will place items that were saved in the vault building next to the office. Check with the office if you need to pick up items. Objects not picked up within 30 days will be discarded.

All grave decorations should be placed as close as possible to the grave marker to allow accessibility for lawn mowing equipment.

Items NOT allowed on individual graves at SMG:

  • Glass decorations
  • Items over 36 inches in height
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Landscape rocks or stones
  • Plaques (other than military markers)
  • Edging material
  • Metal or plastic fences
  • Benches
  • Large concrete pots
  • Any material other than black dirt, hydro mulch, fabric mulch, turf or sod.

Please note that wind, rain and other weather conditions may damage or even displace some grave decorations. We cannot be responsible for those losses. In addition, if a grave marker has a built-in vase we recommend you replace the vase in the ground when you clean up your gravesite. SMG cannot be responsible for damage or loss to those vases.

If you have other questions or concerns about grave decoration guidelines, please contact the SMG office at 701-293-4819.