Grave Decorations

A reminder from our website "Guidelines for Grave Decorations"

The following items NOT allowed on graves at Sunset Memorial Gardens:

  • Glass decorations (this includes solar lights which break easily and have injured workers during cleanup)
  • Items over 36 inches in height
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Landscape rocks or stones
  • Plaques (other than military markers)
  • Edging materials
  • Metal or plastic fences
  • Benches
  • Large concrete pots
  • Any material other than black dirt, hydro mulch, fabric mulch, turf or sod.

Sunset Memorial Gardens retains the right to remove these items if they are found on graves within the cemetery.

Please respect the rules as stated. We want to maintain our grounds in a beautiful, safe and uncluttered manner.

Thank you.